Gender Research Workshop, 23 February 2022

Gender Research Workshop

“Hollywood and the Subversion of Identity”

23 February 2022 – London/Online

11am-1pm (London Time)

organised by

London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research


Academic LAB


In the online session "Hollywood and the Subversion of Identity", Sandra Shevey will discuss raising issues of gender, race, antisemitism and orientation in interviews with megastars. Register here.

Sandra Shevey, age 78, has not only interviewed over 500 major icons from Mick Jagger to Alfred Hitchcock in her career spanning 60 years, she has revised the megastar interview by introducing issues of race, gender, antisemitism and orientation.

Ms. Shevey will be discussing some of her most 'difficult' but rewarding interviews during this 2-hour session and taking questions.  She asked you to prepare by checking out the interviews on her YouTube Channel: sandrasheveyinterviews YouTube.  She also asks that you consult her megastar  biographies on Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Alfred Hitchcock:

For the past 24 years Sandra Shevey has been running The Alfred Hitchcock London Walk, an award-winning tour promoting London's monuments and landmarks as they appear in the films of the London-born Hollywood director:

To book a place and join the tour, please contact